Drugs Islands

Drugs Islands

All these abandoned houses,villa’s where once of big drugs mafia. These villa’s and islands are now owned by the state and have private guards protecting these decayed buildings.

One of the most known drug king was Pablo Escobar (pablo Emillio escobar gaviria) born in Medellin 1949-1993. He was the most known and biggest cocaine supplier that Colombia has known. He started his career with steeling grave thumbs. Later he stole cars until he switched in selling cocaine.

Pablo became one of the richest people in the world. The problem in Colombia is when you get rich you get lots of enemy’s. Thats why he buy an island in the Rosaria Islands. When he died on 2 december 1993 it became property of the state.

Pablo Escobar

His House:

1. This was a unfinished project of Pablo Escobar. This empty shell of a building was still unfinished when Pablo was killed. One of the richest men in the world during his height of power, making up to $20 billion a year, Escobar was so rich, he had problems storing his money. Allegedly rats were eating up to $1 billion of his cash annually in storage. Perhaps this cement structure was an attempt to solve this little problem.

2. His House


4. Inside The Villa. with some strange reinforced windows or maybe it was a design choice who will ever know?


5. Here is what was probably a bathroom, decorated with a feminine touch. Escobar was married at 26 to Maria Victoria, who was 15. Their marriage lasted until his death, as did Escobar’s countless affairs with underage girls.



















17. his swim-pool


18. The Guard

Other small abandoned drugs owner islands



3b. This villa that belonged to one of Escobar’s men is made entirely out of coral lifted from the surrounding Caribbean sea. Despite the coral being a highly protected marine species in the area, this drug lord clearly wasn’t interested in being friendly to the environment.


4b Another of these buildings that was connected to another building for the guard.




8b. This use to be a guard house for the islands so they could see police or someone see for miles away. it’s around 1km away from pablo’s house.






I have to say that going there was not so easy first of all we left from a touristic island in the rosaria islands. People who think this is a tourist guide and u can do this very easily is wrong. We used a old kano with a engine to go to the open sea. water was going inside the kano while we went farther and farther. Our gas was almost gone by the time we arrived. U have to know that kano’s like that are not suppose to be for on the open ocean as waves crash over u. we were lucky to avoid guards because most of these things are still guarded by military.

The boat I used.



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  1. Hi there, these are some great shots you took! I have been very interested in Pablo Escobar latetly, I watched a couple of long videos and read a bunch of info on him. Also, that was very brave of you to go out and get these photos, great overall work!

  2. I love this series. I love abandoned buildings with a history.

  3. Good job! Must be really brave to get there. And I just love the shot of guard. 😀

    • Thanks yes it was not that easy as we used a small kano with motor on it. And we had to go to the open sea to reach it while waves crashed over us and water came in the boat. And our gas was almost gone too so yes was a big experience for me :).

  4. Great photos! That’s a very nice place to live in.. I wonder how much it cost Pablo to build it.

  5. Pablo Escobar was killed by one of his own, Nancy Ruth Owens, aka ‘Pablo’s White Rabbit,’ October 2, 1990 in Melbourne Beach, Florida. The claim by Bill Clinton that his seal team murdered Escobar is false.

  6. respect pablo

  7. I want to kill all the officers who killed Pablo and the f****** family

    • Great man…. but god had punished him for the souls he had taken. … photos are Owesome. .. in India we used to say u have guts really. … dum machi….

  8. Pablo kreeg wel overal de schuld van.
    Hij was niet zo slecht.
    Moslims zijn erger.

  9. Wat een goede serie hè…. hij kreeg echt overal de schuld van. Hij deed ook veel goeie dingen

  10. Escobar was een drugsrat die duizenden heeft vergiftigd en vermoord puur uit eigenbelang, als je daar respect voor hebt schort er echt iets aan je mentaliteit of opvoeding, en wat hij voor de armen deed was eveneens uit eigenbelang, los daarvan mooie foto’s.

  11. I love pablo in my heart he lives and will always live and still lives

  12. Honor To Pablo Escobar!

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